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Thursday January 1 1970 Author: Location: none selected

Halvard Mabire on the GOR: Approaching Kerguelen

There we are! At 11.21 GMT “Campagne de France” has rounded the virtual mark at 42ºS,49ºE which forms the end of the first southern ice limit.

Miranda Merron on the GOR: Land of the albatross

We have been at sea for 5 days now, and it certainly hasn't been dull. There was no gentle easing into the race.

Miranda Merron on the GOR: Farewell Cape Town

After a superb stopover in Cape Town, we finally left for the start of Leg 2 on Tuesday.

Miranda Merron on the GOR: Contemplating second

There are only about 60 miles left to the finish line of Leg 1. Probably not in a straight line either. Therefore no ETA as yet.

Miranda Merron on the GOR: Trip aloft

It has been a trying week on Campagne de France, with a variety of technical issues diverting time and energy away from racing.

Miranda Merron on the GOR: Over the equator

The sea state today is a little disorderly, and since we are sailing fast upwind, it is quite bumpy and rather wet on deck. The choice of clothing is either swimming kit or full foul weather gear.

Miranda Merron on the GOR: Into the southeast trades

Yesterday late afternoon it became clear that the entire horizon to our south was blocked by an enormous cloud - one that is measured in miles - and that we didn't really have an escape route.

Miranda Merron on the GOR: Ghosting along

The Doldrums have certainly lived up to their name for Campagne de France. Vast windless areas and enormous cumulomonsters.

Miranda Merron on the GOR: Stacking, stacking and more stacking

As is the case with most race boats, Class40s are very sensitive to trim, ie the correct distribution of weight in the boat for optimum performance of the hull.

Miranda Merron on the GOR: More fishing nets

Night falls quickly at these latitudes, and the cloud cover obscuring whatever moon there is, it is deep darkness.


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