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Thursday January 1 1970 Author: Location: none selected

3 days to the start of the mini transat

I’ve been through every emotion under the sun in the last day; nervousness, stress, frustration, hope, blind optimism, the depths of despair, immense gratitude, relief and finally deep joy &n

4 days to the start of the Mini transat

Yesterday I was a hero.

I’m trying to appear cool. Sometimes I feel ready sometimes I don’t.

37 days to go

It’s gone 9pm and I am just back from an evening working on the boat changing my running rigging.

Fit to go

There are a huge number of hoops to jump through to take part in the Mini Transat; it is not just a case of rocking up to the start and having a go.

53 days to the Mini Transat

The lists are becoming endless; every time you close a door in my house you will find another list on the back of it.

Bringing it back home

Spring has sprung (sort of) and despite the ongoing snow it is time to talk minis again.

Mediterranean Madness in the RG650

La Grande Huit means literally the Big Eight.

Teaming up with the RG650

I am excited to announce my entry into the next mini race later in August.

A Very British Bank Holiday

I spent my May bank holiday of course racing in my mini; competing in the first edition of the Solent 650 racing from Lymington, around the Isle of Wight, around Wolf rock and back into Plymouth.

Solent 650 go go go

The boat is prepped. Lunch is on the table and I am sitting next to my co-skipper Christa ten Brinke waiting to go.


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