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Thursday January 1 1970 Author: Location: none selected

Brian Thompson on Banque Populaire: Brazil

1730 29 Jan, Day 7.25 13S 34W

Its been a bit frustrating not being to get online but is working again!

Just going to do a quick update, as there is a queue!

Brian Thompon on Banque Populaire - across the Equator

0730 28 Jan 1S 30W

Just crossed the equator in the second fastest time ever, and just ahead of Groupama when she set the current Jules Verne Record.

Brian Thompson on Banque Populaire - day 4 am

0600 27 Jan 0520N 2956W

Now 320 miles from the Equator, and just getting into the start of the doldrums, known as, le pot au noir, on Banque Populaire..


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