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Thursday January 1 1970 Author: Location: none selected

Dad, what were you thinking?!

Although probably not warm by any standards, today was the warmest day in over 3 weeks.

Campbell - I want to be a Pirate when I grow up

Since Ross’ new found passion for blog writing has taken over, I have had to wait until he is a

Still chasing down the 'young ones'

Hi all,   Some would question our sanity if they saw what went on these small 40 footers, deep in the southern ocean. It is freezing cold and all those things we

Tips for Southern Ocean Sailing from Ross

Hi all,   Not really much to report as we reach up to this mark at 45 south - apparently this mark is one imposed by the Aussie search and rescue and will have an inf

So far…an albatross free day, but the temperature has dropped and socks are wet!

We had the cold front pass over us last night. Was a pretty benign front in terms of the ones we had on Leg 1 with classic pre frontal dips in the barometer then a hard squall with the shift.


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