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Thursday January 1 1970 Author: Location: none selected

Solitaire du Figaro - Leg 1

I dont think anyone of the sailors would disagree with me saying that, that

Solo Figaro Massif Marine - 8th   After safety checks, shortened courses and delays due to fog the first event of my season f

Sam Goodchild: First race of the season

We’ve spent the last 2 weeks training in preparation for the Solo Figaro Massif Marine 2012, the first event of the season.

Sam Goodchild on the GOR: Becalmed!

For the first time in two weeks weves een our average speed drop below 10knots. We have sailed into an area of high pressure which mean the wind has dropped and the sun has come out.

Sam Goodchild on the GOR: Biggest 24 hour run

3 weeks at sea in leg 2 of the Global Ocean race and we are still making good miles to wards wellington.

Sam Goodchild on the GOR: Rough times

We are now reaching over the top of the final security gate, set so that we are within reach of the Australian rescue services if need be.

Sam Goodchild on the GOR:

Fifteen days into leg 2 of the Global Ocean Race and we have just passed the half way stage.

Sam Goodchild on the GOR: Front passes us

The front thats been tormenting us for the past 4 days, finally passed over us at daybreak this morning.


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