Two days out from AC33

Two days out from AC33

Saturday February 6 2010 Author: James Boyd Location: Spain

The battlelines are drawing up in Valencia. Today Alinghi have been out of the water making final checks, while BMW Oracle Racing's tri has been out this afternoon. This is a very Valencia 2007 type day, bright sun and a good breeze, albeit offshore (typical for this time of year and not for summer). While the international jury made their decisions earlier in the week, so there remains some concern on the part of the American team that PRO Harold Bennett is going end up being an SNG puppet and not the more independent entity that they are hoping for, to provide them racing possibly in 15+ knot conditions.

The forecast for Monday has changed slightly. Yesterday the wind looked like it was going to have backed from the NW to SW by lunchtime and a race could be got away from then. Now the wind looks set to remain in the W to NW vicinity, shifty but possibly sub-15 knots.

There is a press conference soon to start laid on by the Spanish organisation here (who have this role on this occasion instead of ACM). However it is expected that Ellison will be a no show and Russell Coutts, who was to have gone in his place, was told that he couldn't be the owners representative. Thereby leading to yet another diplomatic incident.

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