Josh Hall on the Caribbean 600 - blog two

Josh Hall on the Caribbean 600 - blog two

Tuesday February 23 2010 Author: Josh Hall Location: Antigua and Barbuda

23/02/2010 13:10 GMT update

Currently match racing Pogo which is 20metres from our hip for last two hours – 20 miles to St Barts….40 Degrees is about 4-5 miles ahead – someone has slipped some steroids in those Irish guys tea!! Looks like a dead headwind from St maarten to Guadeloupe – the long 150 mile leg advertised to us all as a blast reach in the trades! Trades – aint none of them trades here……….there are some feisty French guys here though, so we have our ladybird book of sail trimming out and realise that Class40s need two coffee grinders onboard…… for the trimming and one for a decent cuppa. First freeze-dried meal of the trip taking effect now so gotta go……..

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