Josh Hall on the RORC Caribbean 600 - blog one

Josh Hall on the RORC Caribbean 600 - blog one

Tuesday February 23 2010 Author: Josh Hall Location: none selected

10 hours into the rorc600 and we have done rorc90 of it so far.

We motored out of Antigua yacht club marina mid-morning leaving behind the veritable forest of uber-masts sitting on the veritable gaggle of uber yachts there. For our days of prep we were parked behind Mirabella V – we could have put our Class40 in her stern garage and worked on her in a shaded , air conditioned environment, but that would have seemed a bit soft of us.

We are four onboard – three of us dye our hair grey to exude an air of maturity and give some excuse for sail changes taking a tad longer than on board Beau Geste.

In true offshore style the youngest of us was nominated for the foredeck – he is 45. The big question was what happens when you put four shorthanded skippers together on a boat – the answer of course is that nothing happens but a lot of instructions are given!

Anyway, we pulled some teamwork together and made a nice start, swiftly tacking away from the cost (not a typo) of Antigua for clear air and to lay the eastern end of the reefs.40 Degrees was inside and the Pogo40 soon behind.

Spinnaker set at the first corner went well with all the corners in the right place and off we trotted for the 35 mile trip to Barbuda. Unfortunately for us we found that in the 10 nokt breeze our biggest kite would not go as downwind as we would of liked so at the north sails buoy  we had to gybe twice compared the competition’s zero and fell onto the much hotter reach towards Nevis a mile or so astern. Merde as they say.

Currently we are still chasing the white stern lights of the two other Class40s….and hope by morning to have them closer by. We have roared past some of the fleet during the last two hours, but then they might be cruising boats on passage of course. After the brutal heat of the day it is an ab fab night reaching at 9-12kts under a bright half moon with the triangular outline of volcanic nevis coming up fast…..we will have to overstand it to avoid it’s wind shadow. Our Belgian crew is asleep on his first 2 hour kip, england,USA and Holland on watch……..                                                                                                                                                                          

The forecast is for the wind to go south by the time we want to head south. The skipper of the ex-Primagaz trimaran came by this morning and said they expected to already be down at the southern tip of the course before it went southerly. As one we said “oh how nice for you”………..

More soon, best from Ocean Warrior and we would all like to take this opportunity to say hello to our mums.


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