Marco Nannini in the Route du Rhum - 34C, now that's hot

Marco Nannini in the Route du Rhum - 34C, now that's hot

Sunday November 21 2010 Author: Marco_Nannini Location: none selected

The heat is absolutely extraordinary, 34 Celsius in the shade, the sun is at its peak and you can fry eggs on your skull. We finally got some wind after a very slow day yesterday, but somehow the heat has tamed it since late morning, enough for decent speed but not quite for proper surfing and skidding on the waves. The sea is flat, which is not good news for taking off down waves, and the spinnaker flies so stable you could paint a picture on its canvas. Last night i kept going west to find the wind, but run out of conviction after endless hours of bobbing about in 5-6 knots of wind, i dipped south on a rather unfavourable tack, but somehow that's where the wind was.

This will be my last full day at sea, i should get to the North side of the island during the night and judging by the slow progress of all competitors in the windless lee will probably be at it till lunch time tomorrow, a proper meal will be most welcome, my lucky dip in the vanishing stores produced some Tuc-tuc crackers, the last can of tuna and some raisins for lunch. No milk, no cereals, no ham, no bread, no cheese, no fruit. Pistachios and lucozade should serve me well for dinner, alternatively i have some freeze dried left, but horrible and boiling hot meals dont cut the crust in this weather really. Needless to say this is my second solo Atlantic crossing and again I dont seem to have lost any weight, many arrive perished and all dried up like prunes, maybe to enhance the image of hardship, i think your stocks should be full of the food you really like to encourage eating, as i dont have a watermaker the weight consideration does not come into play, no point being on a diet when you need the maximum energy... and it wont be long when i can go back to my healthy London lifestyle of office coffee, lager and frozen pizzas.

I've exchanged a few positions with other competitors, i'm a bit lost as to what clever strategy to use to make sure i beat them, i concentrated on boat speed and VMG as the rest is a bit touch and go, with all the predicted wind angles, strengths and shifts out of place.

Lastly today i wished to thank Tom Clark, Mark Borner, Karen St Romain and all the others at Deltawave Communications for sorting out all my satcoms, it made such a difference.

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