Marco Nannini in the Route du Rhum - Flying fish Fabreeze

Marco Nannini in the Route du Rhum - Flying fish Fabreeze

Wednesday November 17 2010 Author: Marco_Nannini Location: none selected

Today the conditions are what i had imagined them to be, blue skies, gentle breeze, pretty clouds and dead flying fish. A welcome change to the relentless bashing of the past few days, i found a crack in my brain but thought about glue all day and it's getting better. The sea State by the front yesterday was so horrible that it didn't issue me a visa and had to change course.

I've been at sea for just over two weeks and i think i'm falling in love, as i definitely feel very week at the knees. All the gyms i visited in the past six months made the difference, i didnt like any but walking there helped.

I heard Yvan the Restless Nobletski almost dismasted but managed to thread dyneema out of his hairy chest and saved the mast. I recovered 2 positions, well, almost 3. Meanwhile in the Southern Ocean Pete Goss has sailed the longest route with a boat called Concise, but this will not stop Kogane and Fermiere, even futher south, proving that the earth is neither flat nor sferical, but in the shape of a cornetto ice cream.

I've been trying to solve sailing boots bad smell for ages, but today i finally found the solution, dead flying fish and a dash of diesel. I did some house chores, dried the lazarette, adjusted the stacking to the new point of sail, had a shower under a cloud with torrential rain, after which, as the wind went light i sweat myself to a stench again by hoisting the code 5 which had come partly unfurled last time i used it, so had to fight this chimera, half boa constrictor half kondor, half twisting my arms to breakpoint half flapping about menacingly.

With just over 900 miles to go and free wind for the coming days it almost feels this race is coming to an end, it will be a dash of concentration, pushing for speed and trying not to think that sunday week i may well be sitting on a plane, a flying fish with a sailing addiction due to land on an office desk in the middle of winter. I've been very fortunate to have
made it here. But i have a plan, how about i meet you one by one to thank you for your messages and support over a round of beers, that should keep us busy and entertained through the worst of the winter, until sun shines again and we're off to chase the next dream, as nothing is forever, not the highs not the lows, so i'll go back to enjoy my Route du Rhum and worry about what's next another time.


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