Marco Nannini in the Route du Rhum: Flying fish suicide

Marco Nannini in the Route du Rhum: Flying fish suicide

Friday November 12 2010 Author: Marco_Nannini Location: none selected

Today a flying fish committed suicide on my boat, wife had left him, lots of gambling debts. He took the jump.

But let's think Darwin for a second, it takes you million of years to develop your fins into wings so as a fish can fly out above the water away from your predators, you jumped thousands of times, blu skies and pretty clouds, gray skies and dark clouds. Can someone do the maths for me, what are the chances that in the north atlantic ocean you land on a 40 by 12 foot racing boat. So i buried my unlucky fellow, it was quite an emotional ceremony, none of his family attended, i think it was the gambling.

So yesterday my bad luck with the high pressure pushed above my head by Uncle Ben's uber evil twin brother Hurricane Thomas was over, i enjoyed a night of riding the waves, and went on to pass the stick to flying fish, who i think was dealt a much harsher hand of cards.

Yesterday was theatre night and was a bit nervous as with the racing I didn't have much time to rehearse, we played a greek tragedy called Thalassotherapy in which i'm Entangolos, a boy who gets caught trying a low pass on Aeolus daughter Azorea Highya, gets chained in punishment but eventually manages to find freedom, his love for Azorea Highya is unrequited so he just presses on to Guadalupeikos where the booze is cheap. I have attached a photo of the key scene in the final act where Entangolos disentangles from Aeolus chains.

I know in London it's been rain and hauling misery, so i will stick to the facts and wont rub it in, it is now officially so hot and moist in this southwesterly there is a lady handing over steam room towels in the cockpit, i actually feel a bit sluggish for it, you go for a breath of fresh air and it's like sticking your head in a clothes dryer mid cycle.

Talking of cycles, last night the wind was good, but i think it was that time of the month as it showed little consistency in it's intentions, as we're on holiday i didnt want to start an argument, so i responded to every whim, changing sails as and when without muttering too much, i was so exhausted after a while i went for a nap and slept so solid i only woke
up when my teddy bear gave me CPR.

I really have to thank you all for the messages you sent through, i wish i could reply to all but you have been the barbequed marsh mellows of my camping trip so far, including those so generous as to offer me Rolex replica watches for a tenner or to transfer 10 million USD (TEN MILION AMERIGAN DOLARS) from their account in Nigeria.

Really you dont have to.

Lastly, what to expect over the next few days, Thomas the Stig Ruyant has been the first to hit the front which will give Yvan the Restless Nobletski a chance for catching up, but then it'll his turn to go through, there will be gains and losses to be made by pure pot luck, how fast you can get through the windless area behind the front. The idea of keeping
going west is dictated by a head wind to start with, lack of established trades to the south east and the promise of some following wind in june 2014. Yes, we'll be beating for the next 4 days, so much so for the Route du Rhum, so far i have used the spinnaker more in my OSTAR last year.

I am one of those furthest west, so will hit the front as early as tonight, i'm already been headed and pushed west, i should lose to my rivals until i find the new wind and in a couple of days the wind will start to free for me while they will still have to go through the front, so i will be most likely slipping further in the ranking and will only have some respite, maybe, later if the forecast stays true. Paradoxically the routeing says i'm better placed than my ranking neighbours as once through i should be doing better VMG, but i trust this as Sheffield miners did Margaret Thacher.

So let me go back to my state of denial, where i can play guitar rather good and can climb the ranking of this fantastic race.

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