Marco Nannini in the Route du Rhum - Gently gliding though the waves

Marco Nannini in the Route du Rhum - Gently gliding though the waves

Thursday November 18 2010 Author: Marco_Nannini Location: none selected

It's been excellent sailing for some time now, the wind is slowly turning from north west to north east so i'm going through my entire sail wardrobe, gennaker, fractional spinnaker and now masthead spi max. The heat is exhausting, i find myself pulling a rope an inch and dropping on the floor with a bottle of water as if i had just finished building one of the great Egyptian pyramids.

Last night I sat in the cockpit for a long time, simply watching the wake of the boat under a near full moon and starry sky. Few things so beautiful, a dry warm air brought my thoughts to girls I met as a teenager on summer holidays and hair dryers I owned. It was so peaceful you knew "the rat race" isn't a Jamaican expression.

With under 500 miles to meeting land, the first i'll see since loosing sight of the coast after Cap Frehel on 31st October, you catch yourself looking at the horizon, imagining the smell of trees and coffee, which is a tad ambitious but nonetheless quite romantic.

My food stores are running a bit low, nothing to worry about to get to guadalupe, but i had to introduce the lucky dip concept, put a hand in the box, what you get is what you eat, no being fussy... I've even eaten the only orange i brought with me (and 6 apples and 6 mandarins), had forgotten about it but the full flavour of cucumber of supermarket fruit picked several years early and wrapped in cellophane was quite refreshing.

Speed has been good, caught up more in the ranking but now it'll be more and more straight line sailing and it won't be easy change the order of arrival, I narrowed my gap to Pete Goss from 150 to 80 miles as he sailed through a light patch, unfortunately we're heading for some light too, so i dont think i can quite get to him.

It's almost 5pm in what i presume might be quite a wintry day in London, but soon the weekend will begin, everyone will hit the pub and quite frankly i wouldnt mind a few, staying three weeks stone sober i think can only be justified by pregnancy and impending insanity. The hardest bit after a long race is your first hangover, and in this heat i think i'll
have to go and lie in the frozen food isle of the local supermarket to survive.

The Stig should have finished by now, he was three miles to the line at the last report, a few hours faster than Phil Sharp in 2006, which i think is amazing as 2006 is when records were set, this edition was slower and his result shows how Class40 is coming of age. In 2006 there was a gap of a day before the next boat, here we're looking at hours, the level has risen and the great sailors have approached the class. He conducted an exemplary race and well deserves line honours, before the start i went to shake his hand and said my money was on him. I predicted i would be mid fleet and take 21 days and i'll be there or thereabouts. Call 0901-456-456 to know what your future will hold.



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