Marco Nannini in the Route du Rhum - Sci-fi nights and martial arts classes

Marco Nannini in the Route du Rhum - Sci-fi nights and martial arts classes

Tuesday November 16 2010 Author: Marco_Nannini Location: none selected

I must admit i've had a tough 36 hours with a few bits and bobs going wrong, a wrap while furling the solent, tangled sheets, a split pvc cover on the inner forestay that ripped off three hanks on the staysail and for a very long time it looked like i had to climb the mast as the sail was stuck, so last night i needed to relax. And sailed myself through an electric storm.

I saw in the distance in the clear moonlit night a massive black cloud constantly lighting up the sky with flashes, like a cheap Motel broken neon sign. It was simply stunning in its pure, raw, what-the-hell-is-this. I stared at it for a while, consulted with my teddy bear and thought chickening out is a basic survival instinct and tacked south to try to sail out of its path, you can see it on my track, meanwhile as a precaution i disconnected al mast electrics.

It worked and thought i had cleared it, as i come in the cockpit to tack a saber sword cuts the sky open, a lightning hits the water to my starboard and the roar of the thunder is just deafening, there were no little misssipis in between, it was right there.

I decided it was time to finish that game of solitaire inside my faraday cage, went below and had a sugary drink as i could tell i was a bit shocked but within seconds i felt buckets of rain hitting the boat and knew what was coming, I was already sailing in 20kt of wind well reefed down, but what followed was Lou Ferrigno playing Subbuteo, nothing i could
or would do, i though if i let the sails flog it'll be worse, how they held together you have to ask Roberto my sailmaker. Below it looked like my flat in London.

Then of course we got through...

As i'm sure you dont want to hear me again ranting on about NKE pilot issues, i thought i attach photo from our martial arts class held every monday at 1500. I forgot to bring my bamboo sword, but icing on the cake, the carbowind wand sheered off while slamming to windward and fell on the boat saved by the mainsail. I find the carbon stick to be better for
certain fast moves but i'm yet to try it in real combat.

The photo of the electric cloud is from a video i made, which for preservation of my own dignity will never be released, it's Blairwich project with me bare torso sounding a little less heroic than i would like you to imagine me.

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