Miranda Merron: How to get an engine into a Class40

Miranda Merron: How to get an engine into a Class40

Tuesday November 23 2010 Author: Miranda Merron Location: none selected

Here is a brief update on progress on our Pogo 40S2, which must be ready for launch in a little over four months time. The Global Ocean Race is but ten months away. The schedule is 7 days a week, given that there are only two of us working on the boat, and it is a full-time job itself. On top of this, we are also searching for a title sponsor who could put this round the world race campaign to good use.

One of the first items to be installed in the boat is the engine. While this may seem rather strange for a sailing boat, it is a requirement under Class40 Rules (the engine propulsion is sealed when racing) and importantly, it is one of the sources of on board power (for electronics, satellite communications, navigation lights, autopilot, water maker, etc) Our Lombardini engine is one of the lightest models available for the required power (20KW minimum). It is quite compact, as you can see from the photos, but it weighs a little more than Sebastien Chabal. With that in mind, here is a demonstration of how to get an engine into a boat when the deck is already on, and there are only two of you…

1:Unpack the Lombardini engine, attach lifting strops

2: Carefully lift the engine using the manual chain hoists hanging from the roof beams. Avoid contact at all costs between the hull of the boat and the engine. We know which one would come off worse… Weigh the beast (every single item that goes into the boat is weighed)

3: So far so good… the engine can now be lowered into the boat, but its home is a couple of metres forward of the companionway hatch, and it still weighs a bit more than a full-sized rugby player

4: And of course the engine needs to be moved (gently) numerous times, until its new home is perfectly adjusted to it. Employ blocks, rope, ladder, brute force etc.

5: It is with great relief that the engine is now in its final home, which has even been newly decorated.
The alignment of the prop shaft went smoothly, as everything was pre-planned from drawings. In fact, the existing structure in the boat was not originally intended for this type of engine and prop shaft arrangement, and the engine fits to within millimetres

Many thanks to Lombardini and Secodi for the engine, and the associated entertainment!

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