Sam Davies - AG2R. No room for error

Sam Davies - AG2R. No room for error

Wednesday May 5 2010 Author: Sam Davies Location: none selected

 Hello everybody

24hours of hard work on board Saveol and we are frustrated to have lost a couple of miles on our friends in the lead. These guys are so good that there is absolutely no room for even the smallest error and we made a couple yesterday that cost us.

At least we know what we did wrong and we have fixed the problems so all should be well again. I know that I am tired from all the concentration required at the helm, plus the hours in front of the routing software...that doesn't help. So today the program is sleep or helming, no distractions, to get back on top form for the last few days which are going
to be important.

Despite the pace of the race, life continues on board and we are eating well, sleeping as much as poss and enjoying the sailing. Romain stole my tiny (lightweight!) mirror yesterday to shave - using his teacup as a basin - life is primative!

Off to do weather...
Sam x

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