Sam Davies - AG2R: Slow under spi

Sam Davies - AG2R: Slow under spi

Saturday April 24 2010 Author: Sam Davies Location: none selected

Hello everybody

I have just handed the helm over to Romain, after a 3-hour dawn watch in very little wind. Luckily the sea is calm, so the spinnaker stays full and pulling in as little as 2 knots of wind, with Saveol maintaining similar boat speed. I enjoy the concentration required in these conditions, and it is a challenge to squeeze every little 0.1 of a knot out of our Figaro.

It is slightly frustrating however as we are being "chased" by half of the fleet who have chosen the easterly option to get into the trade winds ASAP like us, and the other half of the fleet have taken the westerly, more direct but slower option. It is hard to tell how things will pan out. In theory our option should win, but as everyone knows, crossing high pressure ridges is often not as shown in the forecast!

So a few more difficult hours today and then we should be on the Trade-Wind train.... but we're not at the station yet!!!

On the wildlife side, we are being completely spoilt, with regular visits from Pierre the laughing Petrel, who sometimes comes with his friends, sometimes alone, and who has now got so used to us that his flight patterns come alarmingly close to Saveol's rigging and our heads (especially at night, maybe he should get some night-vision goggles?!)

We also have dolphins hanging out with us pretty much all the time, lazily swimming around the boat and from time to time showing us some jumps.

Lastly we also have Winnifred the Whale who is a little shy-er but she has been sunbathing around us and occasionally makes a pass by us, at a safe distance.

From the Saveol team who are currently whistling for the wind

S + R xx 

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