Nemesis Second Leg Score = Angle Grinder 1 - Hull 0

Nemesis Second Leg Score = Angle Grinder 1 - Hull 0

Wednesday July 28 2010 Author: Team4Dragons Location: China

After detailing the work to the deck in yesterday's blog today let's moving on to the hull.

I had bought enough Perfection 2 pot paint for both boats as per the International CD and conversations with International Paint staff. Boat 1 was red/white and I wanted her to be all white. Lu Wei Feng, Far East's owner convinced me that he had some new tough gel coat a supplier has asked him to try. I didn't argue too strongly - he was a boat builder after all - wasn't he?

The workers ground down the whole hull to the base coat under the existing gel coat then applied, sanded and faired the new gel coat. Sounds all hunky dory until you ealise they applied the new gel coat down as far as the water line and then stopped and they didn't just sand off the old gel coat, they took an angle grinder to the hull.

Below the water line they filled and faired the boat. Nice smooth finish with the problems only to become apparent once the boat had been back in the water for 3 months or so. It was then that we noticed bubbling on the under-water finish so the boats had to be hauled. I started myself on removing the bubbles but it was clearly going to take forever. behind each bubble was a stong smelling solution of water and chemicals. Then we inlisted the help of a local man with a career long experience of using filler, primarily in the motor trade. He told us the filler has the consistency, the smell and the sanding behaviour of household filler. Not what you expect to find onthe bottom of a sailing yacht at all.

The hull had gone from being water tight with no evidence whatsoever of osmosis to one of the worst csaes of boat pox I have ever seen - until we lifted Boat 2 that is - if this is the stuff they use on their optimists it is a good job they don't live in the water.

Thankfully the rig was stored well out of the way and we managed therefore to avoid any damage to that component.

That's about that for boat 1 - I think it is more than enough and it is only a  shame that the blog doen't allow pictures but some are not for a weak stomach if you are a boat lover.

Boat 2 story coming soon!!


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