Our Nemesis Returns

Our Nemesis Returns

Tuesday July 27 2010 Author: Team4Dragons Location: China

Over the past few years we have been gently working to help develop sailing in China. It started by forming the 1st members run sailing club in China and then as one industry individual after another got in contact we decided to set up a company, primarily to prevent time wasters.

We had 2 quarter tonners, one needing a 'freshening up - no more and another one, brand new, never wet tht had been gathering dust in the corner of a Hong Kong factory for 25 years. My friend Li Li was working for a yard called Far East Boats, one of the biggest Oppie builders in the world - and that is where they should remain. The deal was I show the workers how to do the job, the FE workers do it and then the boats appear on the Far east stand at that year's China International boat Show as an example of what Far East can achieve.

Well that is where the fun started. Now I am sure when it comes to repainting a deck - you, like me  would mark up all the fittings, give the deck a good sand and then paint away. Not Far East. I received a call from my friend that the Far East boss, Lu Wei Feng had instructed the workers to take ALL the fittings off and they weren't too gentle about how they did it. Genoa tracks had gouges out of them and one of the cabin windows was broken (more about that later). Then they ladled on a fresh layer of gelcoat. poorly attached as we were to find out much later adding to the deck weight considerably. The only repair that the deck needed was a crack in the port sidedeck which althought hey attempted to repair failed about 3 months after the job was finished.

They wanted to fill the holes for the deck gear and ended up putting sealant in the holes almost the same colour as the deck itself making it very hard to locate the exact place to put the gear back. Some fastenings were bent beyond straightening and it took much effort to find the correct size fastenings (and correct grade stainless steel) to put everything back down. Bottom line on this pointless exercise is a deck that is 20-30 kgs heavier than before and a number of deck fittings that leak in a boat that all her life had been almost 'dusty' down below. Then came the windows. they replaced the original windows, having broken one with perspex of less than 1mm - you can guesss how long that lasted. First beat, first race a crew sat back against the window and - you've guessed it was gone. Good job we weren't offshore. A taiwanese friend, Jimmy Ma came t the rescue and sourced 3mm acrylic for us and the problem was solved - Oh and we upsized the miniature nuts and bolts Far East had used in the original window replacement.

3 jobs done so far - 3 jobs screwed up

I will move on to boat 1 - the sequel in the next couple of days


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