Tidetech - RORC St Malo Tidal Stream Gribs

Tidetech - RORC St Malo Tidal Stream Gribs

Thursday July 1 2010 Author: Tidetech Location: none selected

Competitors in the RORC St Malo race have been subscribing to www.tidetech.org to access high resolution Tidal Stream Grib files for the Channel. The available models consist of accurate and detailed tidal stream predictions for 48 hours from download time at 30 minute intervals with a 0.75 nautical mile resolution. 

The models are sourced from datasets provided under license from The Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (now the National Oceanography Centre). 

Tidetech, a leading Oceanographic resource company, is led by Dr Roger Proctor a world leading oceanographer who has 30 years experience as a research scientist at the National Oceanography Centre in the UK, leading the development of operational modelling and observation systems utilised by the UK Government.
He was oceanographic consultant to the UK Olympic Sailing team for 5 Games building tidal models for the various locations - Quingdao, Sydney etc.

For those not familiar, Grib is essentially weather or oceanographic data in electronic format that can be downloaded from the internet and displayed in navigational software. Apart from the ability to animate and display the data in a way that is far better than looking at an image in the internet, it’s used to perform calculations to calculate the fastest (optimal) route from A to B.

If you haven’t used Grib before, Tidetech has a free viewer that you can use to download and view data (it does weather as well). Otherwise their Grib data is compatible with most popular nav software packages, such as Expedition, Maxsea and Deckman.

Below are visual snapshots of the Tidetech Grib images for the 3rd of July 2010. www.tidetech.org 


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