Back in the game!

Back in the game!

Thursday March 4 2010 Author: Tim Penfold Location: United Arab Emirates

Absolutely glamour sailing conditions today, most of the fleet was out doing practice races while I enviously watched from the beach waiting for my boat to be repaired.

Lockie from Mach2 worked on it until 3AM this morning, then with about another hour or 2 of bimbling today we were able to get it back together and I got out for a late test sail. Spent just under a hour lining up with Brad Funk from the US, really nice conditions, between 10 and 15 knots and big enough waves to keep you on your toes downwind. Brad smoked me for boatspeed, but I'm not too worried as my wand mechanism was hardly working after being bodged back together, so that really wasn't helping me. As the sun hit the horizon we decided it was about time to go back in. Lucky we didn't leave it any longer otherwise I would have needed some nav lights!

Tomorrow is day one of the UAE nationals, 4 races kicking off at 1PM. Should be interesting and I hope I can find a bit more boatspeed than I had today and get round all the races safely. Still haven't tried out my new Hyde sail, tomorrow might be the day for it!

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