Back to school

Back to school

Friday March 12 2010 Author: Tim Penfold Location: United Arab Emirates

I haven't posted for a couple of days because I wanted to be able to have some good news, but unfortunately I still don't have much, so here's a quick recap of the last 6 races.

Race 2. Extrememely light wind 1 lap race where everyone ended up low riding round the course or foiling off into oblivion looking for breeze. I was more than 20 minutes behind the winner, therefore got timed out.

Race 3. Bad start and first beat, but found my groove a bit more on the downwind legs to pull up to 19th place. Still my best position.

Race 4. Similar to the previous race with a bad first lap and then using downwind speed to catch up to mid fleet. On the 3rd beat I tacked onto the layline for the windward mark, pulled hard on the kicker and the kingpost went bang. This is the carbon post that the mast sits on and takes all the rig loads. So I got a 33rd position in this race on 'countback' because I had finished 2 laps.

Race 5. Terrible start, really got rolled by everyone and couldn't get the boat up on the foils. Worked hard the rest of the race to work through the fleet and get back up to 20th.

Race 6. Good start, went right up the first beat, left paid and I came in on a big header and rounded pretty deep in the fleet. Used my good downwind boatspeed to pull back to 22nd place.

Race 7. Another good start, foiled early and front row off the line. Followed a bunch of the top guys left up the beat, looking good to round the windward mark inthe top ten until we sailed into a massive hole, and the guys in front of me just managed to get through it, but I dropped off the foils and had to low ride to the windward mark. All the boats that had gone right sailed round me and I was right at the back. I tried to catch up but I was so far behind by the time I got properly going again the distances were too great.

Layday. Yesterday I had Andrew Macdougall who is the designer of the Mach2, completely re-set up my wand\foil mechanism. We replaced some parts and modified others, now the set-up is completely different from what I was sailing with before. So today we will see what difference this makes, I hope it is going to be pretty radical.

We have 9 more races to sail, so I've got alot of work to do in the next 3 days to gets some good results in and try and claw my way up into the top 20. Still possible though.

Simon is leading with Mike in 9th and Adam in 10th, so the Brits are doing well.

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