I broke it!

I broke it!

Thursday March 4 2010 Author: Tim Penfold Location: United Arab Emirates

Well we are all here in Dubai now and it's been a slow start for me.

Firstly I found some small cracks in my wing bars when I was assembling the boat, so to be safe, I had a repair done which delayed me getting out on the water. I finally managed to get sailing late yesterday afternoon, and went out into some fairly hairy wave conditions (for Moths). I was taking it easy at first, just getting used to being out sailing again and trying to be cautious in the waves. Well maybe I was being a bit too cautious as I stuck the bow into one of the waves going upwind, thought I had it under control and was going to recover, but the boat had other ideas and did a very graceful pitchpole. When the mast hit the water it ripped the plate holding the forestay and wand mechanism clean off the bow.

Once I had been rescued and got the boat and rig safely back on the beach there was much teeth sucking from the other mothies as everyone surveyed the damage.

Then the Mach2 support team kicked into action and a plan was quickly hatched on how to best repair the boat and get me out sailing again. I have to say it is an absolute relief to have these guys here. I am so used to fending for yourself when it comes to repairing boats at an event, and to have the experts to hand with spares and proper equipment is brilliant. So thanks very much to Lockie and Simon from Mach2 and I'm now going to head down the club to find out if I'm going to get sailing today or not. It seems like the breeze is still in from yesterday, so if the waves are the same I'm not sure I'll be risking it again. The UAE nationals kicks off tomorrow.


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