T minus zero

T minus zero

Monday March 8 2010 Author: Tim Penfold Location: United Arab Emirates

Not much to report from yesterday apart from that I spent 3-4 hours on the water training in glorious 8-12 knot conditions and the boat felt great. Spent some time lining up with Brad and Amac and managed to just about hold my own. Amac was trying out his new MSL14 sail which looks pretty radical compared to everyone elses and he was certainly going fast with it.

In the slalom race I came 3rd in my heat, which might as well have been last as only the first two boats went through, but at least both the boats that won my round (Simon and JP) got into the final. Simon came 2nd overall and won some cash, behind Rob Gough from Australia, Bora in 3rd.

First proper race of the championship is at 3PM this afternoon, I'm feeling about as ready as I could be with no big jobs to do and apart from a slightly sore back, feeling physically fit and well. Let's hope we get similar conditions to yesterday and I can find my way safely round the track to get a decent result on the board.


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