Testing conditions

Testing conditions

Saturday March 13 2010 Author: Tim Penfold Location: United Arab Emirates

After an hour postponement to allow the breeze to fill in, we sailed 2 races yesterday in 5 to 8 knots of breeze, which was very testing.

Race 8. I got a reasonably good clean start and tacked onto port about half way up the beat to clear my air. The right didn't pay, so I rounded the top mark probably about 20th. Going down the run there were a bunch of 6 or 7 boats within reach for me to take down the run, so I set up to get instead that pack. Unfortunately my ride height was way too high after the work I had done on the boat the day before so I when I hit some big waves caused by some spectator boats I pitchpoled. This put me way back and I had to spend the rest of the race catching up to finish 20th.

Race 9. The breeze had started to soften at the start of the next race, I couldn't foil off the line and got stuck in all the dirty air of the boats that had got going, then I fluffed a tack and got stuck in irons. Once I finally going going I was pretty last, so worked hard to catch up to 22nd by the end of the 2nd lap. Going back upwind for the 3rd time I was lucky to foil all the way to the top mark because the breeze was really switching off. I probably had taken about 5 places at the windward mark, but unfortunately it was not to be as we all lowrided down the run, meaning we got timed out (20 minutes behind the leader). So I got my 2nd lap position of 22.

I have a race onwith Paul Hayden and Glenn Raphael as we are within 4 points of each other, so I need to keep those guys behind me today and tomorrow, and try and also beat the 2 junior guys from Dubai. I've shortened the wand system on my boat again, so my ride height should be right now, let's see how we go today.

Simon is leading by 3 points but it is really tight between the front 3 boats, Mike is in 8th and Adam hanging on in 10th.



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