Countdown to the world champs

Countdown to the world champs

Tuesday February 16 2010 Author: Tim Penfold Location: United Kingdom

Ok, never done this blogging thing before but seeing as I'm now a Moth sailor and I'm shortly going to be off to the World Championships in Dubai, it seems like a good time to start. My boat is all packed up in it's box, and has just been dropped off at the shipping company to be flown to Dubai with the rest of the UK boats, so it really feels like the event is getting close. 

Two of the Hayling boats which are going have recently sustained fairly serious damage during last minute training sessions in Chichester harbour. It's a horrible feeling having to run around and sort out last minute repairs before sending a boat off to a major event, I'm really glad it's not me and I feel for Ricky and Mike, although I think they are both sorted out now. We had a very big smash in the 18 footer 2 weeks before shipping the boat to Austrailia for the 2007 JJ Giltinan, so I know what it feels like to send a boat off to the other side of the world after it's had major repairs and you haven't been able to even rig it up to check all is OK. Not a great start to a campain.

Not too much in the yachting press yet about the Moth worlds, but I think that once the Americas Cup news has died down and the JJ Giltinan is over, the focus will shift onto the Moths in Dubai and the event should start getting some hype.

Enough for now, as this is really a test post to try out the new blog section of the daily sail site.



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