Yeoman Wrapped up for Christmas!

Yeoman Wrapped up for Christmas!

Thursday December 8 2011 Author: British Keelboat Academy Location: United Kingdom

What were you up to last weekend while the rain was lashing at your windows and temperatures fell to near freezing? For us the British sailing team on Yeoman of Wight, the weekend was spent putting the final touches to our winter training, all in preparation for next season and competing in the Commodores’ Cup. 

Saturday morning was spent in Southampton waters to allow us to look at our sails and decide which ones will need to be replaced over the winter period. We were helped massively by our special guest for the day Jeremy Robinson from North Sails who gave us his professional expertise on trimming and sail set-up for certain points of sail.

Yeoman of Wight

The team were certainly put through their paces during the afternoon session as we did a lot of manoeuvres which included short tacking and gybing which were pulled off with some great leadership and communication; however there were still areas that needed to be addressed and sharpened up for the Sunday session. 

Sunday saw a change in weather conditions putting the wind in a more southwesterly direction which brought with it blustery conditions putting a chop on the sea. These conditions brought the best out of the crew with gybe sets becoming routine and standout performances from Oliver Essex out of position on bow and calm helming from Stevie Beckett. Training focused more on simplistic, decisive communication, which proved to us that the boat is quicker with less chat. 

We also switched positions and roles on the boat to experience the other jobs our team mates do, allowing us to put the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together. At the end of the weekend we were happy with the work we had put in, the boat is looking fast, and we have a close crew bond on and off the water. We all agree to improve further we must keep our consistency and  structure and if we can keep this mentality going throughout the winter season, we will be looking strong come the Spring Championships. 

We would like to thank David Asher for allowing us to use his boat for training purposes over the last few weeks, and Luke McCarthy for taking the time to come and coach us and structure our training. The squad will now focus on their own personal fitness and up and coming events in the New Year. 

The Yeoman of Wight crew would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!

Crew of Yeoman of Wight

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