Dee Caffari in the Barcelona World Race: Half way across the Indian Ocean

Dee Caffari in the Barcelona World Race: Half way across the Indian Ocean

Thursday February 10 2011 Author: deecaffari Location: none selected

We are very nearly half way and I am delighted to report the second half of this Indian Ocean has been much faster than the first half. We are still not experiencing the fast downwind surf conditions that I remember from the South on my previous visit on an IMOCA 60, however fast reaching conditions have led to some straight line sailing down the track making some easy miles. The Amsterdam Gate is the final ice gate before the Australian Barrier that requires us to keep to the north of the entire line rather than just a point along the line. A restriction placed by the Australian Rescue Services, which is fair enough as they are the ones that would indeed rescue us in this neck of the woods. It brings back memories of Yann Elies on the Vendee Globe when he suffered horrific injuries forcing him to leave his boat in this area.

Reaching conditions I have to say are far from easy living conditions. The boat is fully powered up all the time with a lot of water being shipped over the deck. The noise is deafening, like a white noise torture in an interrogation (is that allowed or is it just in movies and books?)

Our battle with Hugo Boss continues. Over the last week we have seen Andy and Wouter finally get the Black and White beast to sing in what has to be ideal conditions for the heavier IMOCA 60. They were close just after the equator but never made it past us, now we feel their presence out here on the water. It is funny really as their boat was originally Pindar and when she was sailed by Brian Thompson in the Vendee Globe we were never really far from each other. In fact I remember at Christmas we were within sight of each other down here in the south. It is funny that yet again our boats are close to each other. I wonder if during the next 15 000 miles I can reverse my fortunes and finish ahead of this boat?

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