Sam Goodchild: 2 days to the Solo Concarneau

Sam Goodchild: 2 days to the Solo Concarneau

Tuesday May 3 2011 Author: goodchild.sam Location: France

Today we arrived in Concarneau to meet the other 2o-odd boats preparing for the race starting on Thursday. This afternoon there was a mass of activity happening on the pontoons, with final boat preparations, measurers wandering around putting seals on things, sails being changed and lots of french politeness of shacking hands, catching up and meeting new people.

For us, our measurement is at 1000 tomorrow morning, for which, we are pretty well ready to go. The only small problems we have are electrical but solutions are all on their way and should be done tomorrow morning too. Fingers crossed. In the evening we then have the skippers briefing followed by a dinner. And on thursday morning the measurers come around again to do safety checks on a random selection of boats to make sure all the strict regulations are being complied with, with heavy time penalties if that aren’t. Then the start at 1500 local time.

The course is a 330 mile course starting in Concarneau, heading west to Point d’Penmarch, then offshore and east past Belle Ile and around a mark off St. Nazaire then back to Concarneau but, with a few marks to keep us inshore on the way back. There are two laps of this. The forecast at the moment is looking pretty kind for my first race of the season, there is no more than 15knots on the weather files. However, there may be an time on no-wind and as we are back in the atlantic, tide will play a big part…Anchors at the ready!

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