Sam Goodchild: Back to Business

Sam Goodchild: Back to Business

Saturday April 30 2011 Author: goodchild.sam Location: United Kingdom

After a refreshing week back in England, eating lots of chocolate (Courtesy of Easter weekend) and the last few days sorting the plans for the season, I am now reunited with my boat and in Lorient. At long last The Atlantic!

The boat arrived by truck on Friday, and as with all things boat orientated it had its twists of excitement. Either way, it arrived with plenty of time to spare and afternoon was spent dressing the rig and preparing the boat for today - measurement day.

The Figaro measurement system is a thorough process including over 20 different templates for the underwater profile of the boat, of which the profile has to be with in 3mm of all the templates. We passed all but one of these so, we have a little bit of filling and fairing to do but, nothing major. As well as this, the boat is stripped completely and then weighed. This was my biggest concern as even though the boats are one design, the build quality can vary a lot. Thankfully the boat is underweight, which means adding corrector weights. This for me is much better than overweight, where you are stuck with a heavy boat.

I am now less than 5 days from the start of my first event, the Solo Concarneau. I am happy the boat will be easily ready by the start on Thursday. I have a new set of sails bar the Mainsail to have a look at for the race, unfortunately I am still using an old main sail but, I imagine this will be a similar case with most people. Around getting the boat ready, Nico Berenger is coming to give me a couple days coaching which, as always is invaluable.

My feelings for the race are a bit mixed, between excited to get stuck into the season and nervous to see where I am going to place in the fleet of 21(8 other rookies), of which I have never sailed against any of them.

More updates soon,


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