Sam Goodchild on the GOR:

Sam Goodchild on the GOR:

Thursday December 15 2011 Author: goodchild.sam Location: none selected

Fifteen days into leg 2 of the Global Ocean Race and we have just passed the half way stage. When I was offered to do this leg 3 weeks ago, I never imagined taht we would have been in the lead at this stage. The aim was to try and give the leaders a run for their money and so far, so good. With BSL just 58miles behind us, that is the biggest lead so far and this close racing, has made for an intense 2 weeks.

Since the temperatures dropped a few days ago, life onboard has had to change with it. the priority has been keeping warm as to stay functional. Our food intake has shot through the roof as we try and replensish the calories burnt, keeping warm and sailing the boat. We also find ourselves generally spending less pro-longed time on deck as once you get wet and cold, it difficult to get warm again. We have learnt the hard way that, the themperature of our feet is directly related to the quality of sleep we can get. Everything else is easy to warm up in a thick sleeping bag. We have had a couple hours of sunshine this mornign which has allowed us to dry out a little for the first time in over a week.

One of the things I have noticed form the South Indian Ocean is the instability in the wind, it is constantly changing in strength and direction. Last night was no exception and proved to be one of the hardest yet. We were dong spinnaker changes pretty much every watch and shaking reefs in and out on a regular basis. All to try and keep the boat moving fast and in one piece. With 3500miles still to go, a breakage could prove costly. Restraining from getting frustrated was difficult as there was never a groove to settle into. Thankfully, this morning our hard work was rewarded by a few extra miles between us and the leaders. We now have just over 216miles to the ice gate where we are expecting to make a few losses to BSL but, are pushing hard to minimise them.

We have just sailed out of a light patch of wind and the next 4 days is looking to be another windy, rough and fast trip over the top of the security gate at 45 degrees South before probably dropping south again for the final approach to new zealand.

All for now from Sam aboard Cessna Citation

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