Sam Goodchild on the GOR: Becalmed!

Sam Goodchild on the GOR: Becalmed!

Friday December 23 2011 Author: goodchild.sam Location: none selected

For the first time in two weeks weves een our average speed drop below 10knots. We have sailed into an area of high pressure which mean the wind has dropped and the sun has come out. the sun ahs been great, we now have the privelidge of wearing dry clothing all the time as well having a dry boat. On the other hand we are now unfortunately learning, the hard way, the disadvatage of being 1st.

Even though we have been expecting this compression for the last 10days its is hard ot pick up every postion report and watch our lead diminish to a mere 100miles after our 230mile lead only 2days ago.

The weather situation is pretty complicated and we pick up a new file atleast every 12hours. We are struggling to see much consistency, with our arrival date changing by days with each grib. I am starting to think that the files are coming from an art class somewhere and not a weather centre. Every 12 hours there si a drawing competition for the tasman sea, a few pretty lines for isobars, skattered arrows, a splash of colour and bingo...a weather file. This evening we sailed into a hole of nothing, forecast as 7knots on the grib, we spent 4hours with 0.00 on our speed dial. After getting the 24hour speed record we're now aiming fo rthe 24hour slow record. We debated not picking up thr position report but we did, and it was painful...we'd lost 43miles to second place in the space of 6hours. It is inevitable we will continue to loose miles as we are the first to sail into lighter winds but, we are pushing hard to minimise the losses and with 1200miles still to go it is a Loooooong way from over.

As we sail east, we are rapidly travelling through time zones, 11 in all by the time we reach auckland, this means that sunrise and sunset are never at the same time form day to day. Onboard, to save confusion, we never change our clocks. An ongoing debat onboard is which meal to eat when? Currently the sun goes down for us at about 1130 and then rises again at about 1700. When is breakfast and when is dinner? Do we eat our porridge when the sun comes up or our savoury(normally-missing-a-bit-of-meat) meal because it is dinner time? Fundamentally there is not problem, you eat when your hungary but, after eating a curry at sunrise this morning I realise it does screw with your head a bit.

All for now from sam, wallowing in the southern ocean somwhere aboard CessnaCitation.

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