Sam Goodchild on the GOR: Biggest 24 hour run

Sam Goodchild on the GOR: Biggest 24 hour run

Tuesday December 20 2011 Author: goodchild.sam Location: none selected

3 weeks at sea in leg 2 of the Global Ocean race and we are still making good miles to wards wellington. We are currently building on our biggest 24hour run yet which, sits at 358miles and building as I type and Conrad sleeps...its hard work down here.

Yesterday was a horrible day, with a high frequency of rain squalls and a continuosly changing wind, we spent alot of time changeing sails and trying to minimise damage as the wind fluctuated between 12knots and 48knots for most of the day. We settled into a little more of a grove last night, with the small spinnaker up and building breeze we were able to eat up a few more miles.

On the Contrary, today was one of those days where I realised why Im sitting here at 50degrees south, smelling like a drowned rat, having not had a shower or changed clothes for 3 weeks, partly damp, blooding cold and still enjoying it.

As the sun came up the wind started to build and we changed from our small spinnaker to the more robust reacher as a 'chicken shoot'. We spent the following 12hours semi-submerged averaging 16-17knots, with surfs of 26knots. Every wave came over the boat like a torrential wall of water, we regularly lost sight of the front of the boat and occasionally our own limbs. There was one wave that I wont forget for a long time. We took off on a almighty surf and barreled into the back of the following wave, the expected wall of water came flying down the deck so, I grabbed hold of the boat and turned my head to cover my face. This wave had slightly different intentions though, it picked me up like a rag doll and dropped me in the back of the cockpit wrapped round the main sheet traveller. as I got back up and reorientated myself, i was surprised to find the boat, not spun into the wind with sails flapping but, in fact having ploughed through the wave it had then taken off on another surf at 20knots...we carried on as before. Makes me think of and appreciate Halvards' 'Young and Fearless'/Stupid comments from yesterday but, by god its fun.

We re now back in some more civilised conditions and reaching at 14/15knots with our bow pointed at New Zealand. The tracker of our nearest rivals, BSL, frustratingly spent the last 24hours being unreliable which, almost caused ours to find some problems but, they are back in our sights now and we can keep a close on eye on them and hopefully not let them get too far away.

All for now form Sam aboard Cessna Citation

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