Sam Goodchild on the GOR: One week in

Sam Goodchild on the GOR: One week in

Tuesday December 6 2011 Author: goodchild.sam Location: none selected

We've been at see for a week now and its seems a long time ago we were smashing our way south away from south Africa and to wards the roaring forties where we've been able to enjoy the high speed eastward surfing.

 We have now had 2 days of piece and quiet following our 3 day 'going through a car wash in a convertible' sleigh ride. The progress is still good and the intensity high as always with Campagne de France, who we have been insight of for days now, just to the North of us. As the wind goes up and down and we change sails accordingly, the two of us, with two different sail plans, exchange the lead. We had a close call when we crossed with in 50metres of them 2 days ago and at worst we were 4 miles behind last night but are now back alongside again.

With a full day of sunshine yesterday we were able to dry out our selves, the boat and all the sails and are now using the 'down-time' to catch up on as much sleep as possible as no doubt, it will be back the the car-wash soon.

My Battle to convert my skipper out of vegetarianism isn't going well as i fear I am the one being converted. There are a few 'meaty' meals on board but I Occasionally get a false hope when it when it is a meal i am used to but... converted. Such as one of my favourites: Kung Po noodles with chicken and vegetables seems to have lost the chicken somewhere along the line, despite being identical in size and shape. Still looking forward to the day that some of my bill-tong turns up in one the day bags from the mystery 'pick n' mix' pile.

Its encouraging hearing the updates from the far more experienced BSL that the slamming upwind is equally un-enjoyed and its considered a bad day in the office and just something we'll have to get used to....phew!!.

Alll for now from sam aboard Cessna Citation

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