Sam Goodchild on the GOR: Reluctant vegetarian

Sam Goodchild on the GOR: Reluctant vegetarian

Tuesday December 6 2011 Author: goodchild.sam Location: none selected

We have just gybed to head north briefly away from our ice gate limit of 42 degrees south. We have to respect this limit for the next 600miles/3days so, for the most part it will be a drag race eastwards between the top three boats.

We entered the ‘Roaring Forties’ three days ago and since then it has been all that is promised in the brochure. An ultra-fast sleigh ride eastwards. Even if we do look stopped when Banque Populaire comes flying through trying to slow them selves down at 30-knots, its fast for us. We’ve had a max speed of 23.7 knots with just the jib up and then we got the small spinnaker up and haven’t stopped averaging below 10-knots for a long time now.

Last night we spent in close company with Campagne de France pushing each other hard and making good progress. BSL has fallen back a bit for the moment but, we expect them to be back and the race is very much still on.

Life on board is going well and consists of the the three things I most enjoy in life in a continuous 24-hour circle…SAIL, EAT, SLEEP, SAIL, EAT, SLEEP…

Something I am not used to is vegetarianism, WE do have some meat on board but, I have taken it upon mylef to try and convince my new skippper, 15 years a vegetarian, that a meal is not complete with about a nice bit of meat. I wouldnt say it has been productive with a significant low point of eating lentil stew(with no meat) voluntarily yesterday, there are 4 weeks yet, who knows what could happen.

Currently surfing in 25-knots we expect the wind to start decreasing tonight and to have a few days of calmer sailing which, will hopefully give us a bit of time to dry out, tidy, get a few jobs done and cath up on some rest.

All for now form Sam aboard Cessna Citation.

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