Sam Goodchild on the GOR: Rough times

Sam Goodchild on the GOR: Rough times

Friday December 16 2011 Author: goodchild.sam Location: none selected

We are now reaching over the top of the final security gate, set so that we are within reach of the Australian rescue services if need be. So, its quite appropriate that this is the roughest couple days we’ve had. With 30-35-knots and not much sail up we are averaging 13-14-knots. However it is pretty unpleasant onboard, there are two comfortable places, in bed and sitting on the bean bag, after that every movement and action involves clinging on for dear life while the boat rattles you around like a popcorn shaker. With this angle of waves, we are surfing and slamming all at the same time and on deck is like a permanent waterfall. With BSL not too far behind, we are pacing ourselves relatively at the same time as trying to preserve the boat.

Occasionally we think how lucky we are that we didn’t get the full brunt of this storm like some of compatriots a bit further west, however heartless as we are, that is short lived. As our 17th day at sea, from now onwards it will be the longest i have been at sea for one time and also we now have less than 3000-miles to go!! Celebrations all around…until we need our hands again to cling on…again.

The plus side to all of this bumpy stuff, is that we are going fast and since climbing north yesterday, the temperatures have risen to something slightly more bearable again. Still, general day to day happening are a bit of a chore, getting dressed to go on deck can take 15 mins, a length of time I have never associated with putting clothes on before. Making sure all the layers are in the right order and all the overlaps are the right way so that water ingress is near enough impossible…somehow it always finds a way though!

We are still eating a lot just to keep going and drinking hot drinks to keep warm. I am now losing sensation in my tongue as almost every testing sip to judge the temperature of your tea is timed wrongly with every wave and becomes a scolding gulp. Still watch after watch I persevere and the same thing happens.

All for now from Sam aboard Cessna Citation

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