Marco Nannini on the GOR: Sloenka silver keeps us going

Marco Nannini on the GOR: Sloenka silver keeps us going

Thursday October 20 2011 Author: Marco Nannini Location: none selected

Every three hours we receive a small text file containing the positions of all the boats in the fleet, as you can imagine our life on board revolves around the time we receive the file, simply referred to as ping o'clock, so it covers all 6 ping times of the day.

Each time we receive the file we plot it on our navigation software, so we can work out how many miles each boat has travelled in the past three hours and on what course over ground.

Admittedly, since the doldrums this has been a little boring, a bit of a drag race. There have been no changes in the rankings since we were a few days in the race near the coast of Africa!!! So not much drama there, reminds me of that ad (was it guinness?) where there is a scene of callous underground gamblers shouting and waving wallops of cash at some illegal animal race, which turns to be slugs racing...

Our personal rivalry with Cessna continues, we closed in 25 miles overnight as they sailed into the headwinds, unfortunately now we have a delicate 6-12 hours in light airs and they will probably clock faster miles than us, and those behind will come closer. But it's all part of this beautiful game we call Monopoly.

Today we would like to thank one of our sponsors and technical partners, the company that provides us with all our techinical base layers and termal wear for the race: SLOVENKA is based in Slovakia and sells clothing under the brands of SLOVENKA and Silver through outlets in Slovakia and as distributors to outlets abroad. SLOVENKA has ambitious plans to further expand their distribution in europe and worldwide so we are keen to get their name known. In the tropical heat we have been wearing their technical sports t-shirts, designed to wick the sweat away from your body and letting you feel fresh even in the hottest of the climates. Over the next two southern ocean lets we will be wearing their thermals and base layers to keep us warm under the watchful eyes of the albatrosses.

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