Marco Nannini on the GOR: Southern Ocean rendez-vous

Marco Nannini on the GOR: Southern Ocean rendez-vous

Monday December 5 2011 Author: Marco Nannini Location: none selected

After six days of racing i have a sense of deja vu, the three new boats are at the front and here futher back we are nearly in visual contact with Phesheya Racing which is about 7 miles to our port, we had a brief radio chat and as we are converging we should actually see them pretty soon...the same had happened by the Gibriltar and again by the coast of Morocco in leg one. The two boats are same design and same speed and it makes it real special in the solitude of the Southern Ocean to have your fellow racers and friends close by...

It's another very pleasant sunny day and we should enjoy stable and relatively light conditions for a few days ahead. The leaders should have systematically less wind than us so hopefully the fleet will compress again and regroup, although we dont really expect to quite catch them up.

The food on board has been particularly good for two reasons, the first is that my girlfriend Ella did an amazing job of preparing daily bags for Hugo and I, we only gave general ideas and it's so nice for us to open a new bag every day and find our main meals as well as snacks and little surprises and treats in ziplock bags. The second is that RTW Food has sponsored us with a range of freeze dried meals from their MX3 adventure range and i must say these meals are excellent, i particularly recommend the Chicken Paella with a few sneaky drops of Tabasco!

The ice limit that imposes that for the time being we cannot go further south than 42S means sailing in nicer and hotter weather and i'm sure that no one is complaining about this restriction... after 49E we'll be able to go further South and I dont think anyone is specifically looking forward to getting cold!

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