Miranda Merron: January newsletter

Miranda Merron: January newsletter

Wednesday January 5 2011 Author: Miranda Merron Location: none selected

There are three months (we hope) to go to the launch of our Pogo 40S2, and less than nine months to the start of the Global Ocean Race (25th September 2011).
It is very much thanks to the support of our Technical Partners that we are able to continue the build on schedule while searching for a title sponsor. We had some “respite” from the build in December with compulsory attendance at the Paris boat show, an opportunity to visit existing Technical Partners and entice some new ones to join our campaign.

Thanks to Olivier Emery and the team at Trimaran, we now have a website in English and French, which we will endeavour to update regularly: www.mabiremerron.com

It is midwinter, and the hours of daylight are short. The boat looks very much like a boat in build, and as the hull and deck are currently snow white, we have instead decided to show you where we hope to be this time next year, after two legs of the Global Ocean Race… We think that most of you have probably seen quite enough snow for the time being anyway.

The first person to get the answer right wins a one week holiday in Normandy. Choice of activities: sanding, painting, installation of deck hardware…

There are many elements to a boat build and a successful round the world campaign.
Without a title sponsor, it is rather hard to put everything in place as quickly as we would like, being unable to expand the team for now and therefore working on all aspects of the project.
Fortunately for us, certain friends happen to “just pass through”, only to find themselves immersed in the adventure that is boat building. We had the pleasure of the company of writer and adventurer, Gilles Cauture. Formerly in the special forces, and a past winner of the Raid Gauloises (Halvard first met him on that event), Gilles made the most of a short break en route from Malta to South America to swap his pen for precision power tools.
Sam Holliday also spent a week on the build to gain work experience, and says he is coming back for more!

Above all, the campaign owes a great deal to our loyal technical partners: Structures, Axxon Composites, Facnor, Sparcraft Rigging, Rivoyre Ingenierie, Musto, Dubarry, AlteAd, Lombardini, Secodi, Navimo, AllPurpose, Trimaran, International Paints

A warm thank you to them all, and we are proud to have them involved in our campaign over the next two years.


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