Miranda Merron on the BSL: Fun in the Med

Miranda Merron on the BSL: Fun in the Med

Wednesday September 28 2011 Author: Miranda Merron Location: none selected

Yesterday's pleasant morning turned into a slightly faster and hairier downwind ride as the wind reached 30 knots in the afternoon - but that wasn't the problem - the sea state was short and steep, and while easy miles gained surfing, it was imperative not to get it wrong - easy enough in daylight perhaps,but then it got dark, and there is no moon at the moment, so just sailing by feel and hoping for the best in the confused sea state, occasionally shipping a breaking wave over the side, and listening to waves breaking nearby, and taking off at 17 knot surfs. It did improve after a while! Plus we nearly got run over by a ship in the middle of the night which didn't notice us until they were about 200 m from our transom... despite AIS (Automatic Identification System, carried by ships and us).

We are looking forward to leaving the Med and it's busy traffic. However, there is one last hurdle - the Strait of Gibraltar - where the forecast is for an easterly gale. And of course it will be dark!

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