Miranda Merron on the GOR: Farewell Cape Town

Miranda Merron on the GOR: Farewell Cape Town

Thursday December 1 2011 Author: Miranda Merron Location: none selected

After a superb stopover in Cape Town, we finally left for the start of Leg 2 on Tuesday. It seems like a long time ago that we crossed the finish line, but landfall in Cape Town is very special, and it was even more so when I realised that my father and brother were on the committee boat (and not in England)!.

And on Tuesday, two good friends with whom I have raced in the Southern Ocean, Emma Sanderson and Lisa Macdonald, conveniently happened to be in Cape Town, and also came out to watch the start - much appreciated.

Since the start of the race two days ago we have done nothing but go upwind. Last night was particularly rough with steep waves on the notorious Aghulas Bank. We had to slow down at times to avoid slamming too hard in the waves. There is now not much wind and an incredible west-flowing current, but it is sunny and quite warm, and we have dried out after a thorough soaking all night long.

Miranda/ Campagne de France

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