Miranda Merron on the GOR: Near collision

Miranda Merron on the GOR: Near collision

Wednesday September 28 2011 Author: Miranda Merron Location: none selected

So much for trying to get e-mail out during the night, so that you have news in the morning.

The nights have been rather busy and definitely not peaceful (I imagine that has probably been the case for everyone else too!).

Last night, other than the passage of the Strait of Gibraltar, which only delivered 35 knots this time, we have had several exciting/ frightening incidents at night, the worst of which was last night when a trawler made a huge course alteration at the last minute and suddenly we were heading straight for them surfing downwind in 25 knots of breeze in the black night.

The only way too avoid a collision was to wipe Campagne de France out, laying the poor boat on her side with spinnaker flogging wildly. I tried and eventually managed to sock it, and luckily it is bullet-proof (so far). We don't think the fishing boat even saw us, despite us lighting the sails, and watching them pass metres away while we were on our side.

There was much else to do during the night including a few sail changes and multiple ship avoidance after Gibraltar, so we have enjoyed being in the clutches of light airs in a shallow low off Morocco - the autopilot has been driving for the first time since the start. The wind is returning, so time for another sail change...

Miranda/ Campagne de France

PS We have seen dolphins and flying fish, but nothing else yet

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