Miranda Merron on the GOR: Wind returns

Miranda Merron on the GOR: Wind returns

Thursday December 15 2011 Author: Miranda Merron Location: none selected

We are conducting an experiment to verify that there really is no wind in a barometric col, and can confim that this is indeed the case. Lots of patience and good humour required for this job. There is a nice residual swell causing the sails to slat from side to side, but which is helping us drift generally in the right direction, ie not backwards. Other than definitely not being in the right place weather-wise just now, it is a rather pleasant day - vast empty ocean, lots of birds and some sunshine. Other than a few islands, the closest land is Antarctica.

Wednesday news
After our enforced "holiday" in the glassy calms of the roaring forties yesterday, the wind has returned, and we are back to the many shades of Southern grey. Not a scrap of blue in sight. We are heading for the western end of the next ice limit and keeping an eye on the evil low pressure which is chasing us.
Mikaela (fellow round the world sailor and part-time shore crew or Campagne de France) e-mailed to say that "it is celebration time today - especially for those in the SOUTHERN WATERS!!!

Today, it is exactly 100 years since the first man reached the South Pole!!

On the 14th of December 1911, Roald Amundsen and his 4 companions reached the Pole."

One thing is for sure, as Mikaela points out - these men did not have the equipment and clothing that saillors and polar explorers have at their disposal today. No multi-layer breathable thermal underwear and outer shells for them!

Campagne de France at 44 41 S, 89 18 E

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