Figaro plans coming together

Figaro plans coming together

Monday June 20 2011 Author: philsharp Location: United Kingdom

Who said walking was easy?!  Currently I'm still trying to recover from the 48 mile Itex Walk around Jersey I did on Saturday, something I thought would be an extended walk in the park, but which instead turned out to be 10 and a half hours of pain.  The full result of this hit me yesterday morning when I tried getting out of bed and found I couldn't actually stand, and spent half an hour crawling around the kitchen trying to make breakfast.

Despite a very slow day on Sunday, over the last week things have moved forward really well in my race to get to the startline of the Solitaire du Figaro this August.  Previous to this, depite winning the Solo Basse Normandie, it has to be said things were looking particularly bleak after a lot of “thanks but not this year” replies from potential sponsors (unsurprising considering things are very late in the day), and I was left scratching my head for more ideas.  However, a couple of phone calls on Monday, one from a potential private benefactor and the other from a sports foundation in Jersey interested in getting onboard, suddenly started accelerating things rapidly in the right direction. On top of this, the Artemis Offshore Academy will be loaning me sails for the event which will be extremely helpful.

With such restricted time and budget to make things come alive, finding a suitable boat to charter has not been at all easy. I was hoping to rent a boat available down in South France, but as the country is so annoyingly big and transporting a boat by road so insanely expensive, I have instead been focusing on boats in South Brittany. This has been somewhat pricier, particularly if insurance hasn’t already been covered by the owner.  A few days ago however, I managed to negotiate a good option in Port La Foret at a reasonable price, where the boat is apparently ready enough to just step on and go sailing, although this is something that has to be seen before believed!   I’ll be heading down to South Brittany on Tuesday to look at the boat, and hopefully get a contract sorted this week, up to the end of the Solitaire.

Then there is the rest of the budget to find for training, berthing, logistics, food, accommodation, communication etc etc for which I’m about half way there now. Thanks to all those who've helped with funding ideas and introductions.  Every little bit helps piece the project together!  There's now less than 6 weeks to the start of the Solitaire now, in which I'm going to try and pack in as much training as possible, most likely from Lorient. Having done just 4 days training over the last two months, which is far from ideal, there's much to catch up on and a lot of time on the water to try and pack in! 





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