Preparing for the Sydney Hobart?

Preparing for the Sydney Hobart?

Thursday December 1 2011 Author: Tidetech Location: Australia

Hard to believe but it’s nearing that time of year again… One of the world’s toughest yacht races is getting ready to challenge hundreds of sailors in the race south from Sydney.

Tidetech has provided oceanographic data and in-depth analysis to the winning yachts in the last three races.

With the influential East Australian Current and the extremely tricky approaches to Hobart – many a race has been lost at this stage – knowing what’s going on under your keel could be the critical difference.


Traditionally, Sydney to Hobart races have been won and lost in the last 30 miles. Wind can die after sunset; an often strong outflow from the Derwent River can have a huge effect (particularly after rain) by mixing with the tidal flow to make current patterns complex and unpredictable; river flow often stays in a narrow band all the way out to the Tasman Peninsular, enhanced by the ebb tide. With Tidetech's data, skippers and tacticians will have an opportunity to make the most of arguably one of the flukiest stretches of water in ocean yacht racing.

Available as a subscription, Tidetech data is downloaded into onboard navigation software. With detailed graphical presentation users can select the information they want displayed including ocean current strength and direction, sea surface temperature and tidal streams. The data is presented in GRIB format which is compatible with many popular race navigation and tactical software packages.

Tidetech is technical supplier to the 34th America's Cup and to the 2011/12 Volvo Ocean Race

Contact us to find out more or visit our Sydney-Hobart page.

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