Alex Thomson: Getting over a bug

Alex Thomson: Getting over a bug

Wednesday November 14 2012 Author: Alex Thomson Hugo Boss Location: none selected

It was another difficult night again last night, not helped by the fact that I am still not feeling great.

I have been waiting for the front to come, sitting in an area of no wind. I was pretty close to Maître Coq last night so got on the radio with Jérémie Beyou and asked him to keep a look out while I tried to get a little sleep. I am still not into a sleeping routine. I managed to get another two 40 minutes kip, but that’s it.

It is now squally conditions out here. It is 8 to 30 knots and the sea is pretty lumpy so I am not sailing at 100% at the moment. Maître Coq sailed off with his J2 up and was faster than me, but I am happy to sail a little bit slower and more conservatively in these conditions to prevent any damage to the boat. I am currently making hay south. I am tired. But I am feeling good. And I managed to get all the jobs ticked off my jobs list yesterday… even with man flu! But my temperature is down and thankfully feeling a bit better today.

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