Alex Thomson: Next stop the Doldrums

Alex Thomson: Next stop the Doldrums

Sunday November 18 2012 Author: Alex Thomson Hugo Boss Location: none selected

In the last 24 hours we have had the best 24 hour run and I have been able to hang onto the leading group which is excellent considering the speed advantage they should have.

I had been pulling out on Maitre Coq, who has been my shadow quietly, but yesterday he starting losing big ground and today we find out he has a keel problem and will stop in Cape Verde to assess and fix. Very sorry for him, I hope he can get it fixed and continue.

Next for me is the Doldrums, the next step on the road to the Southern Ocean. There are big losses to be made here and despite it being somewhat of a lottery I must use all my skills to find a good route across. I have the benefit of those in front as an indicator as to what will happen next.

Myself I am doing okay. The night before last, my cough got bad to the point that it was making me sick and stopping me sleeping at all. Our doctor prescribed me antibiotics and I am feeling better. Last night I slept well, in fact I slept though the alarm and got a full two hours in!”

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