Alex Thomson: Update from the Southern Ocean

Alex Thomson: Update from the Southern Ocean

Tuesday December 4 2012 Author: Alex Thomson Hugo Boss Location: none selected

It was another bright early morning today. I was glad to see daylight. After another Lapskaus dinner I went into darkness last night as I was heading into the first Southern Ocean depression. It was a beautiful sunset, but it was gusting 30 knots and I took in a reef as it got dark. I didn’t get much sleep.

Today has been another day of hyrdogenerator repairs so far. I thought I had fixed it yesterday. But it looks like there are still some issues and they are not charging meaning my communications are limited today as I try to conserve power. I feel like my race has been dominated by this. I am starting to get a little tired of hydro repairs to be honest. It would be good just to be able to concentrate on sailing again.

I still have to shave my beard! Everyone voted on facebook for me to shave it into Fumanchu style. I think I am getting pretty close to having enough to make this happen. I just need the rough seas to calm a bit before I get out a razor!

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