Looking forward to 2012

Looking forward to 2012

Friday January 13 2012 Author: beckyscott Location: United Kingdom

2012 is shaping up to be a really exciting year. The refit of the boat is now well underway and although there is still a mountain of stuff to do, I am already excited about getting the boat back in the water. Some really exciting news for UK mini sailors is that Artemis Academy is now supporting a UK Mini Class Training group. The UK Mini Class is starting to grow; there will be 4 series and 2 proto out in the Solent training together in March and April before the first UK Class Mini Race in May. For me this year’s race programme will include:

6th May UK Solent Race, 290miles double handed

13th May UK Fasnet Race, 600 miles double handed

31st May MAP, 290 miles, solo 29th July

29th July Azores Race, 2600 miles solo

This year is going to be a busy season of racing with the main focus being the Azores Race in August. First though is the small matter of qualifying. The Azores Race is 2600 miles. The Race leaves from Les Sables on the 29th of July. Leg 1 is 1300 miles to the Azores and after a few days rest in the Azores Leg 2 starts and we will race back to Les Sables. This will be the longest race I have sailed solo, so it’s a really exciting challenge.

The qualification requirements are tough; you must have completed a 1000 mile qualification passage and have sailed over a 1000 miles in class races. Luckily my qualification passage and race miles count from last year so I have just 20 miles left to qualify! If all goes to plan I will be fully qualified by the end of the UK Solent Race in May. Between the UK Races and the Azores Race I hope to fit in some training in France, to try and get up to speed with some of the French Sailors and to make sure that I am fully prepared.

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