BKA squad sailors join Rán Racing Mini-maxi

BKA squad sailors join Rán Racing Mini-maxi

Monday August 20 2012 Author: British Keelboat Academy Location: United Kingdom

Image by Rick Tomlinson

 James French and James O Mahony, 2 of the British Keelboat Academy squad sailors from the Farr 45 team got the opportunity to join Rán Racing Mini-maxi out in Palma in June. The following report by James O Mahony:

James French and I went out to Palma on Monday the 25th of June just after competing in the Imperial Trophy on Kolga. We flew out from London with Adrian Stead, the tactician onboard RAN. When we arrived, we had a taxi journey to the docks in Palma, where we found out that RAN was already out sailing. So we rushed to get changed and then got a lift in RAN’s RIB, Dufa, out to the mini maxi. We got there and were introduced to all the guys sailing onboard, which was most of the race team except for some of the grinders that were not there for that week. 

The boat itself was awesome. We got to sit and observe for a while before being put to use on a pedestal. The boat was on its first sail of the season, after some adjustments were made to the deck fittings rig. It was a gentle introduction to the boat. 

On the Tuesday was much the same and then the rig tuning started too. Putting up lots of different sails and seeing how the rig was set-up for each of them. Jeremy Richardson was aboard also from North Sails in Gosport, after just coming from training on Yeoman of Wight with the BKA. Lots of pictures were taken of the sails for analysis and many sails were hoisted, checked and dropped and prepared for the Copa Del Rey, which is the first event of the season for RAN II. 

The Wednesday got more interesting as a windward leeward course was set up for train around. James French took the wheel and steered the boat for most of the day, while I was on the starboard primary pedestal. During the course of the day, more sails were checked and the rig was looked at again in more detail. A brand new mainsail was also hoisted to have a look at. 

Thursday was a much more serious training day. Again a windward, leeward course was set with Frenchy at the helm. This was a more manoeuvre based day, with focus on the hoists and drops for the kites. This was the first day where everybody was on the rail and the boat was being pushed that extra bit harder. 

All in all the experience was brilliant. We got to learn a lot about the boat and what it takes to sail a mini maxi. Getting to know the shore crew also helped and we saw all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes that you never see on the videos and race course. Great experience in all. 

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