The Caterham Challenge V

The Caterham Challenge V

Monday December 10 2012 Author: Caterham Composites Location: Germany

Mike Gascoyne's Blob 10/12/12

Good morning all from the Caterham Challenge

Position N 019 37.289 W 046 50.366



SOG              14.4 kts
COG              249
TWS              25.6 kts
TWD              096





Gybed late last night as breeze has swung more to north of west than predicted and has stayed that way so heading directly towards Grenada. Many squalls during the night but hace kept with main one reef and A5. Boatspeed quite high under the squalls hitting 18 knots, but feels balanced and ok.

OK, forget above as just went up and put second reef in as wind speed consistent at 25 knots plus - looks like a busy day.



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